why do i need to blog

Why do I need to Blog?

You have a website – CHECK! But, why on earth would you blog?  I think the first thing to think about is that your business is not the same business as it was on the 23rd of March when lockdown was imposed on us in the UK. Either you have moved completely online (Birthzang is a brilliant example) or elements of your business are now online. Either way, your business is completely different!

Are you blogging:

  1. Share your knowledge?
  2. Drive traffic to your site?
  3. For the hell of it?
  4. You have nothing else to do?

If you selected 1 & 2, you are in the right place and in the right company.

The focus of a blog is to ‘speak’ in the language that people use who are looking for online. Share what you know.  But this is only worth your time if it reaches the people you want to reach.  And you do that by using keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimize) techniques. This will ensure your content, products and services reach those who want to spend money with you.

But I don’t like to write sales all the time

Sales and marketing are two different words.  Blogging is marketing. It is growing the ‘know, life and trust’ factor. When you write a blog you are showing how brilliant you are so people want more of what you have and then want to pay for it.  It is not sales.  Sales is the copy on your landing page. It is also in the social media boosted post where you sell the benefits and outcomes of using your product.

If you want online sales, you need to market online.  And if you want to market online, you need to produce content that people are looking for, or they will never find you.

Guesting Blogging

We live in an Information Age.  Content is how information is found.  Those who have websites can seldom afford the time to write regular content, nor to pay content creators to write hundreds of blog posts.  They offer people like me and you to create their content and provide links back to your website and links from your site to theirs.

What is in it for them?

The website where your blog appears on, benefits from your content as much as you benefit from having it on their site. Their site comes up in more searches and your content drives traffic to their website. That’s great news for them. 

Why guest blog?

Your guest blog will have links to send people to your website and to your products and services. If your content appeals to guest blog host’s audience, then you have the opportunity to reach a new audience by doing very little.

If that website has 5 people look at your guest blog post, it is 5 people more having eyes on your website.  This is how it snowballs.

Brilliant, innit?

But I don’t have a Profile

Having a social media following is always a bonus, and might help, but some of the most successful people are not on social media at all. They focus their attentions on their website to get people there. And of course, everyone has to start somewhere.

Where do I start?

It is important to do your homework and find guest blogging opportunities that will be of benefit to you and the guest blog host. (Have a look at the Guest Blogging Blog)

So, not only do you need to blog, you also need to find guest blogging opportunities to drive traffic to your website.



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