an advertorial is an interesting piece that subtly sells your product
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What is an Advertorial?

The word advertorial is simply a cross between advertisement and editorial. This is not just your ‘about’ section from your website, although updating it to sound more like an interesting advertorial, would help you sell your products or services, subtly.

The idea of an advertorial is that it is an interesting article that people will enjoy reading, that grabs them, tells a story of emotion.  The reader doesn’t even realise they are being advertised to. So, think about your brand – think about the emotion that got you started in your business – this is what will sell your products or services.

If you make a product to, for example, help child development, consider what the reader will find interesting or what can they relate to – answer their questions too.

What did it feel like to realise your child is not developing as he should (or as you believe he should be)? How did you know?  How would you know if you were a parent and not a professional or expert in the field? This is the horror every parent faces.

What do you know to be true about his development and how did you use what you know to develop toys and games for him?  Discuss the science behind this (parents who can relate to you will want to know this too and will be eager to read more).  Tell the emotional story of your journey with your child, and your husband, how that impacted the family, and your relationships, in ensuring his development is making progress, at his own pace.

If you are a military wife who started a business, readers would find your story fascinating. Explain how you feel every time you have to say goodbye to your husband when he goes away on a tour of duty.  How do the kids deal with it? How have you found the support you need?  What role do other military wives play in your support structure? How is your life different because you are married to a military man? What does his time away mean to you, and how does it feel when he comes home? How have you adapted to, not only being alone at home with the kids, but also to being in a new country? Do you move around and does this affect your friendships?

This is the emotional side of the story, and then you briefly and subtly mention your business.  People fall in love with YOU, YOUR story, and only then do they go to your website to see how the brand and the products were born. People buy, not from your business, from YOU, who YOU are, YOUR humanness, and what you stand for. And this is the side of you they are attracted to and you then become an expert in your field.  Your readers start to trust you and then they want absolutely everything you offer.

Before you can sell a product, you need to sell YOU. Be open, be human and be YOU!



Ann Martin
June 18, 2018 at 10:01

How does advertorial differ from a news/press release?

    September 4, 2018 at 15:09

    Hi Ann. An advertorial is an interesting topic that links to your product. So, if you are a butcher for example, an advertorial could be a recipe using your meat, which, at the end of the piece, let’s people know that you have a special on, or that they can pop into your shop to buy that special meat. A press release is just information, about your product or your services. Does that help?

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