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Pivot in a Crisis

In times of crisis we need to look for opportunities. Now is a good time to think about how we can make the best of a bad situation – and pivot in a crisis.

Let’s think about a business formula in the simple format of x + y = a business or a movement. This applies if you are starting, maintaining or scaling a business or organisation.

Why are you in business?

The first step is to think about why you are in business, and why you have a product or a service. First and foremost, you solve problems. And in exchange for solving those problems, you get paid.  So, the second reason people are on business, is to make money.  Of course we need to pay bills, feed our families, but making money should not be your first priority. This will make your message insincere and will never work to fill your bank account.

Be clear about the main problem your product or service is solving, break it down into smaller problems, and show your product or service as the problem solver. Put this on your website, create social media posts around it, on all your platforms, and use it in your language. Communicate it all the time, so that everyone knows exactly what you do.  This will resonate with your target audience and will attract those paying customers.

Who are you serving?

Step two is to work out exactly who you serve. Niche this down as much as you can to a specific audience.  This does not mean that you won’t serve others, outside of this niche, but it gives your message more clarity if you speak directly to those you want to serve.  They will hear and see the words and phrases they use, in your messaging, and this will act as a magnet.  You want your ideal audience to say, “How do they know exactly what I am thinking?”.  Then you know you have hit a ‘home run’.

When crisis hits, things change and it is good to assess your pivot options. Maybe your product or service is no longer, exactly as it was before, relevant or needed, BUT, that does not mean that it is dead or not of value.

Think about how you can pivot?

What are you really good at?  Pre-crisis, what did people message you about?  What did people ask you about at events? Have people asked you to help them with something?

Add to the mix: What are the biggest problems people are facing now?

And: What is something you still can do that you can still do to solve problems?

You can now use these answers to pivot in the direction you need to go. Because, if you can clarify the problem you want to solve and who you want to serve, it is a game-changer.

Problem you solve + who is it that you want to serve = business or movement

Now is the time to gain new capabilities and come out the other side with something more.  Use this opportunity to shift your mindset while everyone is standing still – be innovative and creative.  Take time of crisis to self-educate and specialise your knowledge so that you can pivot with confidence. This will protect you, keep your income safe and you will be using the pre-crisis momentum to thrive.

It is a really scary time, but a unique opportunity. The greater the challenge, the greater the success.  Time to step up and become a leader, a role model. Now is the time to pivot and double down.





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