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Do you have Content Overwhelm?

“Content is King!” We hear this all the time, but what does it really mean? And it generally leads to content overwhelm!

Well, content is everywhere!  Content is our emails, it’s our social media posts, and it’s on our websites in the form of headlines, tag lines, information and blog posts.

We live in an Information Age and people thrive on content.  Social Media is content – true of not – which we share with our own communities.  Content engages communities, and content is what makes the world go around.

It is overwhelming to feel like we need to be ahead of the crest of the content wave. How do you compete with the amount of content out there? And how do you find the time? How do you prevent content overwhelm when you know you should create it?

Firstly, there is no need to compete.  If you offer value in everything you put out there, then you really don’t need to compare yourself, your business and content with others. Your content is always unique to you!

Content Gold

Your blog can be the starting point of your weekly content.  Have a look at this Content Gold process:

  1. At the start of the week, create a blog post of no less than 400 words.
  2. Take snippets from this blog post to use on social media – but don’t always include the link to your blog post on each post.  The social platforms don’t like links that take people off their platforms and will reduce your reach. So, just a couple of lines on Twitter, a paragraph on Facebook with an image to illustrate your paragraph; and use the blog images to post on Instagram with a sentence for each, with the relevant hashtags. Please also update the link in your IG bio to drive people to the blog post for that week and mention this in your Instagram post.
  3. If you do Facebook Lives, read your blog post to get a feel for the content, and then informally, chat about the content you have written about in your blog. Remember to be informal and chatty on your Live and not to just read your blog post.  Your followers want to get to know you, so show them who you are by being less structured and more of YOU.
  4. If you podcast, either you can take the audio from your Facebook Live, or you can find a podcast guest to illustrate the content in your blog, and interview them, or you can find another angle and chat about that on your podcast.

Ideal World

In an ideal world, you would want to do this weekly, but that is not always possible. How about committing to doing this twice a month?  That would mean writing only two blog posts in four weeks and that will be all your content you need for the whole month. 

You will be freeing up your time and you will have less worry about what to post on social.

But, most importantly, your social content will have value!  Spending hours and hours on social media without a focus on providing value, is wasted time and money (your time is expensive!)

Build a content strategy that will put money in the bank!



March 12, 2020 at 07:26

This is great, repurposing can really help fill your social media calendar..and if you can get a VA to help even better!

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